‌THE WORLD’S LEADING PRODUCTION SUITEFlagship synths, immersive platforms, unique sampled instruments, and sounds for any genre, production, or performance. KOMPLETE 13 packs the very best Native has to offer into a do-it-all production toolkit that includes brand-new GUITAR RIG 6 PRO, SUPER 8, NOIRE, and much more.PLATFORMS• KONTAKT 6• REAKTOR 6SYNTHESIZER• ABSYNTH 5• FM8• FORM• KONTOUR• MASSIVE• MASSIVE X• MONARK• REAKTOR PRISM• REAKTOR SPARK• RETRO MACHINES MK2• ROUNDS• SUPER 8*• TRK-01CREATIVE SAMPLERS• BATTERY 4• POLYPLEXPLAY SERIES• ANALOG DREAMS• BUTCH VIG DRUMS*• CLOUD SUPPLY*• ETHEREAL EARTH• HYBRID KEYS• LO-FI GLOW*• MODULAR ICONS*DRUMS AND PERCUSSION• ABBEY ROAD 60S DRUMMER• DRUMLAB• STUDIO DRUMMERACOUSTIC PIANOS• NOIRE*• THE GENTLEMAN• THE GIANT• THE GRANDEUR• THE MAVERICK• UNA CORDAELECTRIC PIANOS AND ORGANS• SCARBEE A-200• SCARBEE CLAVINET/PIANET• SCARBEE MARK 1• VINTAGE ORGANSGUITAR AND BASS• ELECTRIC SUNBURST*• SCARBEE MM-BASS• SCARBEE RICKENBACKER® BASS• STRUMMED ACOUSTICCONTEMPORARY HORNS AND STRINGS• SESSION STRINGS 2• SESSION HORNSCINEMATIC• KINETIC METALSTUDIO EFFECTS• RAUM*• SOLID BUS COMP• SOLID DYNAMICS• SOLID EQ• SUPERCHARGER• TRANSIENT MASTERCREATIVE EFFECTS• CRUSH PACK – BITE*• CRUSH PACK – DIRT*• CRUSH PACK – FREAK*• DRIVER• GUITAR RIG 6 PRO*• MOD PACK – CHORAL• MOD PACK – FLAIR• MOD PACK – PHASIS• REPLIKA• THE FINGEREXPANSIONS• DECODED FORMS*• DEEP MATTER• ELASTIC THUMP• HALCYON SKY• INDIGO DUST*• LILAC GLARE*• LONDON GRIT• LUCID MISSION• MECHANIX*• MOEBIUS*• MOLTEN VEIL• NEON DRIVE• NOCTURNAL STATE*• PULSE*• QUEENSBRIDGE STORY• RISING CRESCENT*• RUSH*• SCENE*• SOLAR BREEZE*• SPECTRUM QUAKE*• STADIUM FLEX*• TRUE SCHOOL• VELVET LOUNGEKEY FEATURES:The world’s leading production suite: 65+ premium instruments and effects, 20+ Expansions, 35,000+ soundsSave over 90% of the combined cost of all included productsQualify for a future upgrade to save on larger KOMPLETE bundlesGUITAR RIG 6 PRO – the all-new amp and effect modelling platformBUTCH VIG DRUMS – punchy, processed, production-ready beatsSUPER 8 – modern take on an 8-voice vintage polysynthSix acoustic pianos, including NOIRE – Nils Frahm’s evocative concert grandELECTRIC SUNBURST – contemporary electric guitarMODULAR ICONS – legendary, vintage modular synth soundsCUBA – rich, flexible Cuban rhythm and harmoniesEFFECTS-SERIES – CRUSH PACKMASSIVE X – flagship wavetable synthesizerKONTAKT 6, the latest version of the worlds leading samplerSESSION STRINGS 2 – 11-piece string ensemble with an intimate sound for contemporary tracksEstablished favourites like MASSIVE, ABSYNTH 5, FM8, and many other go-toinstruments and effectsEasy installation from one HDD driveEasy setup, activation, and updating via Native AccessSeamless integration with MASCHINE and KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboardsWorks with any DAWRegister your product and receive a 25 € e-voucher to spend at the NI Online ShopSYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:Windows 10 (64-bit, latest Service Pack)macOS 10.14 or 10.15 (latest update)Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU, 4 GB RAM (6 GB recommended), graphics hardware support for OpenGL 2.1 or higher, 10 GB free disk space (240 GB for complete installation)Supports ASIO, Core Audio, WASAPIRuns in 64-bit VST, AU, AAX hosts.

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